‘Experience Union Through Horses.’
Riding Session
One on one with Katharine                                                                                        $200
 Contact Katharine for more information
Two Day Retreat                                                                                                           *$500 
Silent One Day Retreat                                                                                                *$300
Teacher Training  Apprentice – 36 sessions (12 as double sessions)                $7,500
Horse Training – 24 sessions (as double sessions)                                                $4,800
* scholarship sometimes available

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Conscious Rider has a scholarship program which is partly supported by donations. Conscious Rider LLC is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions may be tax deductible. You can make a Donation in the ‘Other Amount’ box above.

All donations contribute to a Scholarship Fund to enable those with financial needs to attend one of Conscious Riders programs. Every donation, however small or large, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support. 


RIDING AND THERAPY MISSION: ‘To Transform Trauma and Return to Love.’