‘Experience Union Through Horses.’
Riding Session
One on one with Katharine                               $200
 Contact Katharine for more information
Two Day Retreat                                                  *$450 
Silent One Day Retreat                                       *$200
Teacher Training  Apprentice – 6 mnths        $7,500
Horse Training – 8 wks                                        $3,500
* scholarship sometimes available

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Conscious Rider has a scholarship program which is partly supported by donations. Conscious Rider LLC is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions may be tax deductible. You can make a Donation in the ‘Other Amount’ box above.

All donations contribute to a Scholarship Fund to enable those with financial needs to attend one of Conscious Riders programs. Every donation, however small or large, is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.