Dressage Beginners

Collected Canter: #1. 10m circle. #2. side pass into a 20m circle. #3. outside leg is back,to stabilize. #4. Inside leg is forward and on.

Side Pass to the Left: #1 Lean to Left, (nose just to the left of her mane.) #2 Right leg behind the girth and working. #3 Left leg is still and holding. #4 Look ahead, relax your haunches. #5 Right rein slightly tighter. #6 Allowing your horse to gracefully flow to the left.

Learning to lunge, walk, trot and canter.

Preparing lunge line, into a bow to avoid tangling or rope circling around limbs.

Lunge from trot to walk to stop. Horse bows and both parties connect and relax.

Warm up.
Inside hind to outside rein.
Work in hand, shoulder in under saddle (supple neck).
Lunging to the Left. He lost his withers in an accident and sometimes wants to roll while lunging, that can’t happen but he is learning to stretch down and he knows he will get his roll in the sand after the work out.
Ashtanga yoga A and B.
Our Paralli trained ex-police horse. Predominantly Western, she is doing well learning dressage.

Conscious Rider: RIDING MISSION ‘Learn to Ride Consciously with Calm, Strength and Joy.’

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