Conscious Rider

Conscious Rider is a small boutique riding stables, with three excellent, well trained, safe horses.  Teaching beginner and intermediate riding to children and adults in the English style, with some western.  We progress to dressage early; starting with an advanced classical seat so no one has to re-learn as they get more experience.  Along with great horses and a covered arena we have 750 acres to ride in and practice our skills, enjoying vibrant nature on our door step.

‘A mindful approach to riding horses’ where you will learn:

– Centered Riding – Sally Swift

– Beginner and Int. Dressage – The Baucher system, from the classical school of de la Guérinière

– Tacking up with empathic, common sense and presence

– Grooming using natural horse wo’manships techniques

– Work with our own and the horses energy centers

– Mostly English, some Western

– Ground work training

– Ranch maintenance

– Holistic approach to horse care using herbs where applicable

– Peaceful presence enjoying the horses in nature and learning to breath consciously and sit quietly

– Contemplating the horses as a meditation tool

Groups and one on one.


LESSON PLAN (90 minutes)



Bring to Presence:

A calm horse is not a dangerous horse’ – Mia Lykke Neilson .     Being a professional psychic Katharine can use her ability to empathically tune into energetic centers and helps the student to learn how to release and open centers that are blocked.   Spending a life time studying horses she learnt through them how to ground energetic blockages as this is how they tune into each other and even heal each other.   If more stress relief is needed the ‘Tranforming Triggers’ method developed by Katharine is used to return the rider to a deeper stillness.  We include catching the horses (using Parelli method), grooming as a meditation, tacking up, using breath with awareness to return both horse and rider to a calm state. 


Lunge horse – Work in hand (shoulder in) under saddle – walk, trot, (classical) stand, with and without lead rein (ancient horsewo’manship training.)


Get on the same page re: lesson goals and content based on how the horse and rider feel during the ride so far.


Learning goal, using a mixture of methods of direct learning, achieving goals and creativity, as is appropriate.


During a ride out on the 750 acres we discuss a deeper clarity about what was learned during past and present lessons.  Asking student questions to ascertain students level of understanding of what they are learning and any questions.  Both horse and rider get to explore nature and experience riding in the wild, and as a result will have challenges to over come that they might not experience in the arena.




CANTER depart, using leg yield. – Katja Ell


  • On a 20-meter circle, go to the right.  You can ride this part in the walk or sitting trot.  Canter up- and down- transitions are always best ridden from the sitting trot or walk.
  • Start spiraling inward until you reach the 10-meter circle at the center of the 20-meter circle.  Note that you are riding a linear line, not a leg yield, when you are spiraling inward.
  • Ride one round on the 10-meter circle.
  • Spiral out by leg-yielding to the left to come back to the 20-meter circle.
  • As soon as you reach the 20-meter circle, give the aids for the canter up-transition.  Ideally, this is somewhere on the ‘closed’ part of the circle where you have a fence/rails to help you with the transition as a visual boundary.
  • Ride one round of working canter on the 20 meter circle.
  • Transition into sitting trot for 1/2 to 1 round on the 20 meter circle.  Then prepare to spiral back into the 10 meter circle and repeat the exercise.

Repeat the pattern 3-4 times in each direction.  Enjoy!


Conscious Rider:   RIDING MISSION  

Learn to Ride Consciously with Lightness, Strength and Joy.