Before Trauma I was LOVE

A six week course on Saturday mornings that teach you how to go from fear and the fear cycle and return to Love so as to know and continue your mission here as you.  

Here we work on fear creating conflict and learning how to de-trigger and return to peace and strength.  Thus able to go from judgment / fear based behaviours; playing victim roles;  Enabler / Rescuer – Tormentor / Persecutor – Overt and Covert Victim.  Each roles is learnt from fear based adults teaching you fear as a child and from unresolved dna or past deaths/lives.  We learn how to discern authentic needs instead of being stuck in victim roles and fear eventually shifting into heart based behaviours by ‘Flipping the Cycle’ into Authentic Humanitarians, Connected Warriors for peace and Healthy Empaths.

As a group and individually, we work under the arena with animals and in the woods and utilize the peace of our eight miles of trails, woods meadows and creeks.

We use Equine Assisted Interation, an example of the E.A.I. therapy; each participant or group are given simple exercises to do with the horses, walking an easy obstacle course, with a selected horse. These simple excersises bring challenges and subconscious coping mechanisms emerge.  Seeing this is usually very funny or very sad together we consciously acknowledge how some old behaviours no longer serve us, often even make things worse.  Once seen acknowleged are easily changed using Phsych-K and EFT or EMDR.

Why horses?  Horses act as honest, non-judgemental reflections, it easier to accept unrealistic behaviours and expectations when mirrored by the innocence of a willing horse.

Learning simple meditation techniques that suit you, sometimes on a horse is something we benefit from years after the workshop, along with the power of self empathy and self compassion. 

Learn to listen to that still small voice and start to live a life from this place as it leads to more balance, more sanity and more joy.


‘Heal Trauma Through Art and Horses.’