750 Acres

Austin Riding and Therapy Center is a hidden emerald jewel.  Nestled on miles of mature woodland, meadows and wild flowers is a 750 acre park, a green, peaceful oasis only minutes from downtown Austin.

The barn opens onto shady trails, undulating hills and canter lanes.  Creek paths have mature Cyprus trees which add extra shade and cool during the summer.  By the water are herons, in the wild gardens can be hundreds of butterflies and there are deer hidden in the long grasses, all a wonder to experience and enjoy. 

Taking in this beauty on the back of a horse while being taught how to relax into it and be present as we listen to the running water and the birdsong is healing in of itself.

Austin Riding and Therapy Center also enjoys shade and protection from all weather in the form of a 100m x 50m covered arena. 

A 1968 beautifully converted air stream serves as a cooling space for art therapy and video study. 

The covered tack room is for changing into your safety kit and acts as a space to use the warm up equipment before your session.



RIDING AND THERAPY MISSION:  ‘Transform Trauma, Return to Love.’