Conscious Meditation Workshops

Weekly meetings where we remember what we are.  Some ways we can get there is to re-align ourselves to recognize contractive situations and choose ways of staying in a state of loving expansion.  Every day life is our great teacher.  You will learn how to interpret limiting responses that create conflict in life, preventing us from meeting our needs.  The first step is to free ourselves from the unconscious role of victim.  By using what triggers the drama in life, participants learn to return to Love.   Muscle testing and learning how to utilize your own healing modes will also be taught and used within the workshops to deepen your connection.  Horses are in a state of expansion most of the time – they model and reflect the love that we already are.
On going weekly groups.
Animal Psychic Workshops

Teach beginners and advanced animal psychics how to go from tuning into animals intuitively or empathically to being able to train themselves to eventually see and interpret images the animals send each other and us. Learning how to lovingly talk with pet owners in distress and to trust and grow their own connection to the One consciousness that holds all information.