‘Experience Union Through Horses.’


Abby is an Oldenburg bred in Holland.  She is a wise, lively and brilliant 21 year old.  Having retired as a three day eventer at 19.

Abby is Dressage trained, and continues her training in hand 3 x’s a week, is ridden 5 x’s a week.

She is an Intermediate lesson horse.

Midnight Angel

Angel is half quarter horse half Tennessee Walker.  Trained in Parelli Natural Horse wo’manship from a foal, as a Houston police horse.  Her owner sadly died at the end of her training and by way of her best friend and another owner she came to us.

She needed time to grieve the life she was bred and trained to do we gave her that time and after a year she was a new horse and now loves her job.  Now in Dressage training she loves the challenge and it interests her high intelligence.  Although built for police work she is finding great balance and grace getting lighter every day.

She is trained in:

Natural horse womanship.




Loves to trail ride.

Has a gentle canter.  

She teaches you to be a leader, once you can think for her she will trust you and let you lead and enjoy being autonomous.

She is trained verbally for blind riders and can be ridden without tack.

She is beginners and Intermediate lesson horse.

Kingsley (Stormy Ledger)

Kingsley has been in training since he arrived here from snowy Minnesota. At 17.2 he is a gentle giant. As the lead horse in the herd, he shows deep commitment in our healing program leading the way for all the horses to do their work on us.

Kingsley is an English trained horse and is a dream to ride as a Dressage horse. 




He is an Intermediate and Advanced lesson horse.

Freedoms’ Musket

Freedom was a Tennessee Walker gelding.  The first horse I brought and was responsible for Conscious Rider.  He was one of my great loves in this life.  He was in his 30’s and was done with being ridden but loved the ground work with the dressage which kept him subtle and fit. He passed away peacefully in 2018.


RIDING AND THERAPY MISSION: ‘To Transform Trauma and Return to Love.’