Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine-Assisted Integration

you will learn:

– To deeply Listen to You.

– Empathize with yourself (as opposed to victimize yourself)

– See unconscious patterns by working with the horses as reflections.

– Build a lasting, loving relationship with your new best friend (you).

– By feeling horses empathic strength and doing certain therapeutic exercises you can allow your mind to slow down and dwell as presence. 

E.A.I utilizes the horse to create a partnership with the rider. The teamwork between the two is used to bring out feelings, behaviors, and patterns (ptsd) within a person. This allows for personal growth and the creation of a strong bond between horse and rider. Equine Assisted Integration includes Connective Riding, Compassionate Communication, EFT, Breathing Techniques, Horse Yoga, Expansion Exercises, Carol Tuttle Energy Types and The Five Love Languages. E.A.I. has shown to be very effective in building confidence, improving communication, resolving conflict oriented situations. Connection to more loving ways of interacting with oneself and others and giving personal insights to riders/participants.


Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

E.A.P. uses the equines for mental and behaviral therapy. The program’s target is to grow the rider’s personal development in a positive way. Working with the horse, participants create personal goals as well as goals that the horse meets. When analyzing the behavior of the horse(s), participants learn about themselves or others and can reflect those actions of the animal in personal life experiences.