Welcome to Conscious Rider.  My name is Kate and I feel so blessed to have been teaching here since 2000 focusing on riding as an internal conscious experience.

My life with horses started at two years old when my father would ride with me on the saddle in front of him.  Both my parents rode horses. It was my quality time with my mother getting our horses fit before school or in the week ends which made horses all the more special for me. That’s probably why I love teaching families to ride out together.

As the only vegetarian I knew growing up and ridiculously soft animal lover I was brought up in a horsey family and I was honored and loved to ironically, go fox hunting from ages 11 to 24 at any given opportunity. Our hunt was the Hursley Hambledon my mother was a pink jacket and my uncle, her twin was the master of the Silverton Hunt in Devon.  Off season I three day evented (cross country, dressage and show jumping).

In 2000 I came to Austin and bought my own horse. I was no longer interested in competitive riding and began to study natural horsewo’manship for the next ten years, this was my passion, I was intrigued with horses being seen as a ‘partner’ and how it felt to feel true union with them after a few minutes as opposed to hours of riding and I noticed how empowering and healing a more natural approach to horses felt to me.

By this point I had been sober since 1989 (and still am just for today) and wanted to work within the healing arena using horses.  My classical riding back ground helped my teaching people to ride to an advanced level, with the classical poised seat.  The natural (more empathic) horsewo’manship broadened my horizons as far as using horses to help clients heal. I often worked with clients who could ride but lost their confidence or had some life issues that were mirrored in the riding and could be felt and healed in many cases through the seasons, the horses and the nature. I loved total beginners and the trust that was needed that brought up blocks overcoming them while learning also to ride. Horse sessions helped ptsd and helped people recovering from a trauma based addiction. (In conjunction with their 12 step meetings and therapists)

As an empath and animal psychic (RelationshipPsychic.co.uk) I found I could integrate reading the horse to help the human.

I noticed pain and blocks in clients bodies once unblocked not only helped their riding, it helped heal their life, so EAI Equine Assisted Integration began.

EAI – Equine Assisted Integration

With EAI I was given the opportunity from 2010 to 2015 to work with children and their special needs.  Mostly boys on the autistic spectrum.  The children taught me to go deep, to be present and they only tolerated humble.  I learnt about joy in the moment.  I was with present and sensitive little Buddahs – it was a privilege and an honor.

In 2016 I had a peaceful spiritually awakening experience, a shift occurred and I had to take some time off to adjust and asses.  I used the time to integrate and learnt to live again from a totally different perspective.  At the same time slowly learnt how to train horses in stress free dressage from the ground.

I love to work with people during vulnerable or even darkest moments and help them integrate a new way of Being and a new life, in conjunction with their recoveries, therapy and spiritual path.


Katharine Turner Mays (Kate) Teacher/Guide

  • Director and Founder of Conscious Rider since 2000
  • Dressage training
  • Hursley Hambledon Hunt 12 years
  • Three Day Eventer UK 10 years
  • Special needs facilitator and mentor since 2010
  • Relationship Psychic – Professional Animal Psychic
  • Kundalini Yoga Certified Instructor


Caroline Jackaman Teacher/Guide

  • Shoshne Lodge Yellowstone
  • Guided trail rides
  • Over night pack trips
  • Extensive Western horsewomanship
  • Conscious Rider 5 years 
  • Texas Horse Center
  • Camp councillor
  • Managing full care of 30 horses

Caroline is passionate about learning and being a strong horse woman. Her ambitions are to eventually be training wild horses and to continue enjoying teaching children and adults in sharing her equine knowledge, understanding and love.


Genevieve Kenny Teacher/Guide

  • EAGALA Instructor
  • Special Education Degree
  • Special Education Teacher
  • ABA Therapist
  • Special Olympics Volunteer 

Genevieve has her own horse riding facility Miercoles Moon in Wimberley TX. She has been with Conscious Rider since 2010.