Horses As Healers

Upcoming Beginners & Intermediate Retreats Course Dates:

2022 June 18th-19th
Saturday 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at 1pm to begin at:  2pm-8:30pm

2022 July 16th-17th
Saturday 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at 1pm to begin at:  2pm-8:30pm

2022 September 17th-18th
Saturday 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at 1pm to begin at:  2pm-8:30pm


Beginners & Intermediate Retreats         $450 

Scholarships available.


Weekend workshops held once a month. 

“I am extremely happy that I attended the Horses as Healers retreat and will definitely attend more retreats like this in the future. The place is beautiful, peaceful, and full of light energy. The horses are healers and they opened my heart in a way that I can’t begin to explain. The horses are very well trained and it was a safe and secure environment to be around.”  – Paulette


What you will receive:

  • A deep sense of Knowing by joining the horses in ‘Theta meditation’ techniques which heal stress in them and ourselves. Experiencing a sense of worthiness by noticing how the horses respond to you empathically.  You will notice the simple beauty of nature that surrounds you and recognize it’s beauty is also what is innately beautiful about you.

  • Trust in life. Trusting your life and your journey by acknowledging the wild power of the Feminine seen in the horses and experiencing this power as your soul speaking.

  • Learn to use Kinesthetic muscle testing and how to use a pendulum to give our minds a rest from decision making.
  • Knowing what deep meditation feels like and getting good at it by having the Theta experts (the horses) teach us and show us how to be in a bliss state yet remain active, safe and coherent. This is Presence, we don’t talk about it we become it. 

  • Supporting each other to get conscious of and go for the next right step in our life, taking ‘action for our passions’.

  • Sisterhood – by finding other courageous peaceful warriors. Holding each others wishes and dreams in our hearts long after leaving the retreat.

    These courses average 10 hours beginning Friday/Saturday evening through Saturday/Sunday. (See Times and Dates above).

You do not need to have any horse experience. 

For those who do ride we may do healings by laying on the horses back with assistance and for those who would prefer not to lie on top can lean on the horses or lie on the healing tables, all modalities are as strong energetically.


Groups are individualized and small.


If you are passionate about your inner journey and need to be here, contact me and we can feel into what feels right financially.

(Contact Katharine for more information)




Silent Day Retreat


  • Peace through silent meditations and horses presence
  • Guidance on surrender and going deeply into the moment
  • Nature walks in tune with our intuitive inner leader
  • A new found understand of the power of Love through silence


Groups are at least 2 people, no more than 6 people.


Day Retreats         $200 

(Contact Katharine for more information)