The current workshops on offer are: 


From Drama to Dhama

A six week course on Saturday mornings that teach you how to go from drama and conflict to your Dhama (purpose) and into a more peace filled, loving life.  

Here we work on conflict resolution by using the Karpman Drama Triangle – going from judgment based behaviour; victim, rescuer and persecutor roles to learning how to discern our own needs and shift into heart based behaviour and use the TM ‘Dhama Triangle’ i.e. Empath, humanitarian and warrior for peace/recovery/healing. 

We work together and individually, sometimes out in the woods and trails sometimes in the arena with the horses. An example of the E.A.I. therapy might be that each participant or group are given simple exercises to do – like walk an easy obstacle course for example, with their horses. This inevitably brings up old behaviours that then help us to consciously see and acknowledge how some of the past behaviours no longer work well anymore and may even make things worse. 

The horses act as honest reflections. We learn meditation techniques on and off the horses. We learn about self empathy and self compassion. We learn to listen to that still small voice and start to live a life from this place of balance and sanity.


Wild Power as the Feminine Principal

A ten week course on Sunday mornings (starting late morning) for women who yearn for a deeper understanding and need to own their inner wild power and beauty.  

Using the feminine power of horses to reflect to us our own inner strength. As well as time in nature (800 acres on our doorstep) where we deliberately get lost and find peaceful places to sit and practice meditations ‘specifically modified for you’. 

Also learn how to ‘forest bathe’ an ancient Japanese mindfulness practice that deeply connects us to our true Selves. The course is immersive, you’ll be required to do some homework, so please be prepared to change on many levels and taste true freedom!


(Contact Kate for more information)