‘To Experience Union Through Horses.’

Horse Riding To ride consciously with grace, composure and joy.

Horse Therapy:  To live consciously with self-compassion, courage and surrender.


A Mindful Approach to Riding Horses:

As an empath I lean towards riding horses from an internal perspective first.  Working with the subconscious, which shows up when we ride, helps us become better riders and more consciously able to change our seats and mind set.  Horses respond to riders who are awake to their own empathic depths.  What we learn physically, this way, subsequently connects us on a soul level unifying us with our horses and ourselves.

Conscious Rider one to one sessions suit people who love horses and riding and appreciate a mindful approach to both.

We specialize in:

. beginner riders 6 and up
. intermediate riders 11 and up
. basic dressage, jumping, natural training and 700 acres (8 miles of trails)


Equine Assisted Integration

E.A.I. combines Centered Riding (TM), Conscious Rider and mindfulness:


. Recovering from addiction
. Trauma recovery
. Recovery with grief
. Re-building confidence with horses
. Conflict resolution with horses as our teachers
. Meditation through herd union
. Healing with the herd
. The art of self-forgiveness
. Self-compassion through horses

Workshop Monthly Retreats

Horses As Healers Weekend Retreat

Silent Day Retreat

Our ranch is in Austin, Texas 78744.