‘Return To Love – Riding Horses – Healing Trauma.’

Austin Riding and Therapy Center:   THERAPY MISSION   ‘Transforming Trauma as Presence.

Conscious Rider:   RIDING MISSION  ‘Conscious Riding in Calmness, with intuitive Strength and Joy.’


A Mindful Approach to Riding Horses:

Based in Austin Texas, Katharine Turner Mays, provides kind, focused riding solutions for all riders from all riding genres, as a dressage trainer, instructor, animal psychic, clinician and trauma coach. “I work with my horses to help peoples souls.  My horse journey started when I was two years old.  I have since learnt from tough inspirational ponies, skilled hunter jumpers and some enlightened horse mentors.” 

Sessions at Conscious Rider involve ways to nurture a calm, joyful and productive relationship with your session horse

Teaching neurotypical and special needs children and adults to ride in nature, Katharine follows Rudolf Steiner principles – ‘nurturing and retaining wildness while holding and encouraging wonderment.’

Katharine applies the concept of a friendly, trust-based, two-way communication system to riding and working with the horses as healers.  Her holistic approach, includes catching your session horse, consciously grooming, tacking up, working-in-hand as well as groundwork such as halter-work and lunging.


Sessions are 90 mins twice a month.  Monthly fee is $400.

Conscious Rider one to one sessions suit people who love horses, nature and riding.  Appreciating a mindful approach to all three.

Conscious Rider facilities include a cooling, shaded 100′ x  50′ covered arena.  Compost bathroom and a changing room.  750 acres of vibrant Nature Preserve with 8 miles of shaded trails “where we hone our riding skills and enjoy spontaneous adventure.”

We specialize in:

  • Natural Horsewo’manship including Mia Lykke Neilson, Parrelli, Sally Swift and Monty Roberts.
  • Dressage using the Baucher system from the classical school of de la Guérinière.
  • Equine Therapy, PTSD, cPTSD, healing from our addictions to fear.

We have:

  • 8 miles of shady trails, wild riding.
  • 750 acres
  • Covered Arena.
  • Compost Bathroom
  • Tack room

We cater for:

  • Beginner Riders 6 years and up.
  •  Intermediate Riders 11 years and up.
  •  All ages for Therapeutic Sessions.


Austin Riding and Therapy Center:

Transforming Trauma:

Since slowly but surely healing her own trauma, following sobriety in 1989, Katharine has been in service to clients transforming trauma since 2000.  She has developed a powerful method for transforming triggers which can involve the horses, depending on each clients wishes.  This method helps clients go from stress, depression and fear, Returning to Love, Stillness and Peace.


  •  Presence and Self Compassion through the horses honest reflection of who you are at your core.
  •  Trauma recovery for both horse and human.
  • Re-claiming relationship with your inner child
  • Acknowledging conditioning and accepting it
  • upgrading conditioning from ones childhood, dna, culture and even past life by:
  • Flipping The Fear Cycle and joining the horses in Presence.
  •  Psych-K
  •  E.F.T.
  • How horses dissolve anger and fear and how you can do it too.
  • Meditation, through connecting with the herd via ‘Trust Technique’.
  • Healing with the herd.
  • Conflict resolution with the horses as our teachers.
  • Stillness by embodying fear and surrendering it to the body to heal.
  • Integrating spiritual awakening.
  • Recovery and grief.
  • Recovering from addiction via the 12 steps.
  • Unblocking energy releasing stress.
  • Death and dying.
  • Re-building confidence with horses.
  • Psychic and intuitive awareness.
  • Healing blocked trauma from past deaths.
  • I am also, honored to work with the horses with girls and women recovering from being trafficked.

Training and Retreats:

Horses As Healers Weekend Retreat.

Silent Day Retreat.

Teacher Training Apprenticeship.

Horse Training.

Austin, Texas 78744.