“To Experience Union Through Horses”

Horse Riding:    To ride consciously with grace, composure and joy.

Horse Therapy: To live consciously with self-compassion, courage and surrender.


A Mindful Approach to Riding Horses:

As Empaths we teach you to ride from the inside out. We base our sessions on Centered Riding (TM).  Sometimes working with your life situations helps us to guide your body and mind into a deeper focus so that you ride with a more conscious seat and mind set.  Horses respond to riders who are awake to their own empathic depths and as a result what you learn physically translates soulfully, creating a deep union between yourself and the horse and that’s a beautiful way to ride and live!

We seem to suit people who love riding and love horses and are looking for a more mindful approach to riding well, while keeping it kind.

We specialize in:

. beginner riders 6 and up
. intermediate riders 11 and up
. basic dressage, jumping, trail rides as lessons (nature adventures)


Equine Assisted Integration E.A.I. combines Centered Riding (TM), Conscious Rider and mindfullness:

. Recovering from addiction
. Trauma recovery
. Recovery with grief
. Re-building confidence with horses
. Conflict resolution with horses as our teachers
. Self-compassion through horses