Horses As Healers

Upcoming Beginners & Intermediate Retreats Course Dates:

2022 June 18th-19th
Saturday 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at 1pm to begin at:  2pm-8:30pm

2022 July 16th-17th
Saturday 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at 1pm to begin at:  2pm-8:30pm

2022 September 17th-18th
Saturday 6pm-8:30pm
Sunday arrive at 1pm to begin at:  2pm-8:30pm


Beginners & Intermediate Retreats       $450 

Scholarships available.

Weekend workshops held once a month.

These courses average 10 hours beginning Friday/Saturday evening through Saturday/Sunday. (See Times and Dates above).

These workshops awaken or deepens our connection to the ‘wild power of the fenimine‘ connecting us via the horses and the group energy through the ‘silent power of the masculine‘.   By empathically joining the horses in deep union, we can then be changed and enlivened by the nature and wild animals that surround and mirror us.

We may venture out and Forest Bath in the 700 hundred acres of wild wooded trails, wild flowers, meadows and creeks that surround the ranch.  Sometimes we build fires, sometimes find trees to meditate with.

Each workshop varies, the group subconsciously dictates the pace and direction.  I have been working with people and horses since 2000 my job is to make sure you are safe and held.  After directing and flowing with clients, one on one, I felt called to allow in more people per session and found the group experience is powerful and each group has a life of its own.

The horses join us in our meditations from their paddocks, they come and go freely into the arena where we work.  Because they are empathic communal pray animals they think as one so ‘One person hurts, they all hurt’. They survive by keeping the herd as a whole safe, well and happy.

We are considered by them in this calm state part of the herd, they love to join us in the Theta vibration as we go deep in meditation. The horses usually choose a person to work on at the perfect time by helping to clear energy (chakras), emotional and physical blocks. One might lie on the healing table while they work on us or lay on one of the horse or lean on one of the horses.

As we all fall deeper into Presence, the horses seem to be able to transmit a deep feeling of Love (the unconditional kind). Most sessions last 90 mins on average and are profoundly moving.

I believe Love is what heals any situation, in the group we share this with each other and the horses back and forth, creating a deep relaxation at the very least or a profound physical or psychological shift. Whatever you are unconsciously asking for and ready for is what will be addressed both in the group and with the horses.

Sometimes by aiming this Love generated by the Presence Meditation (Theta) towards a specific horse, it can be so strong that a horse can accept it as a healing for themselves and can fall to their knees and gently onto the ground. The groups loving energy can have a profound healing of it’s own.  On the ground the horse may shudder, letting go of stored or carried trauma.

The silent time is another way to re-connect to a part of our spirit we may have stopped fully communicating with.  We learn from it and create bigger wishes and dreams by holding and expanding them for each other as a group. 

Forest bathing is an ancient Japanese mindfulness practice that can awaken the wild feminine.  In the winter months we consciously ‘get lost’ in the forest by walking off path.  We find peaceful places to sit and practice the meditations that most suit us.  Then, by trusting our intuition we slowly find our way back onto the trails. 

The workshop is immersive, you may want to do some homework and to be silent when you return to your home until we start again the next day at the ranch.  Be willing to change on a deep, peaceful level.

We may need to work on conflict resolution using a technique I have created to help us shift from an unconscious habitual ‘fear cycle’ into a Heart based ‘miricle cycle’ from the book I am writing ‘Transforming Triggers‘. This is a simple way to shift from fear (mid-brain) to Love (frontal lobe). 

Equine Assisted Integration may also be used.  This is a fun horse therapy technique I developed.  As a group each participant is given a simple exercise to do with a horse.  The exercise will reveal subconscious behaviors that may no longer serve us, enabling us to upgrade old programming if we so choose (we can’t change what we don’t see, the horses reaction help us see it clearly – so clearly we usually end up laughing hard, because the truth is usually funny when it comes down to it)

Most groups we laugh, we cry, we laugh. Women are good at this in gorups, it’s fun.

After the week end we will hopefully learn to listen to that ‘still small voice within’ more often and re-commit to live our life from this compassionate (self compassionate) place of balance and serenity.


Beginners & Intermediate Retreats         $450  

Scholarships and paying in increments available

(Contact Katharine for more information)



Dear Katharine, I wanted to thank you and the horses for the magical weekend retreat. I felt safe, held and seen in your loving hands (and hooves). The sacred space created by the group allowed for deep connections and I now feel more in touch and in trust with my intuition than I ever have before (a big thanks to Kingsley’s gentle guidance with that!). There is something indescribable about being part of the herd and feeling their healing power. I am honored to have been a part of this group and will cherish the experience and memories. With gratitude,

Reply to Jane from Katharine:
“It is very heart moving to think it has helped you so much and that the horses are being acknowledged for all they do for us. Not just actively riding but passively connecting, as honored herd members!”

“I love the easy-going way you have to propose activities, so dynamic, so challenging! The different personalities in the group made it a great balance I think and the amount of detail that you dedicated to each individual person was magnificent. It amazed me how your brain works, you are so detach of your phone, timing and structure, but
at the same time able to retain detailed information about each individual. That felt so good, it made me feel heard , acknowledge, cared for, important.
I love the way you have to be able to keep your focus sharp an up during the entire time, there is no “wrong answer “
and zero sense of being judged. I just felt in a very safe space to share deep thoughts (even thought i didn’t fully shared them 100% of the time). I never felt rushed to talk , or pressured to talk.”

“I am extremely happy that I attended the Horses as Healers retreat and will definitely attend more retreats like this in the future. The place is beautiful, peaceful, and full of light energy. The horses are healers and they opened my heart in a way that I can’t begin to explain. The horses are very well trained and it was a safe and secure environment to be around. I will recommend this.”

“Katharine, you and your husband offered a friendly, loving, and warm environment and the location is easy to reach. Please, keep doing the nature walks and the tribe around the fire experience. Very spiritual and Mother Nature is also assisting you as a Healer. Not only the horses!”

Example of 3 Day Retreat Activities:
(Most of these activities are included in the 2 Day Retreat.)

14 hours

All retreats are lead by our subconscious needs so these are outlines of what we could do but Mother Nature may have a different and more perfect plan for us all.

Friday Evening:
6pm – 9pm

  • Meet the horses
  • Twilight meditation
  • Learn to clear energy for each other sage and singing bowls
  • Receive and learn to use your pendulum (kinesthetic)
  • Fire side introductions, letting go fire ceremony

Silence At Home all evening OR at least one hour of silence (organized with loved ones before retreat) during that evening and before sleep
NOON arrive at ranch and silently walk around journal or meditate
1pm – 8pm

  • Clearing energy in arena with Horses, Sage, Singing bowls
  • Talking circle in arena with horses
  • Horses As Healers
  • Meditation passive
  • Forest Bathing, streams, or woodland or wild meadows and wild flowers
  • Thích Nhất Hạnh Silent Walking Meditation
  • Circle
  • Horses As healers/Equine Integration/Surrender to the Miracle
  • Meditation active
  • Home made from scratch healthy supper (vegan/wheat and gluten free)
  • Wishes and Dreams and prayers ‘rolodex’
  • Fireside creative group wishes

Silence At Home all evening OR at least one hour of silence (organized with loved ones before retreat) during that evening and before sleep
NOON arrive at ranch and silently walk around journal or meditate
1pm – 6pm

  • Clearing
  • Talking circle in arena with horses
  • Horses As healers/Equine Integration/Surrender to the Miracle
  • Circle
  • Twilight meditation
  • Social

Silence At Home all evening OR at least one hour of silence (organized with loved ones before retreat) during that evening and before sleep


I have never ridden a horse before, is this safe for me?

Yes, I will look after you and teach you how to look after yourself around these horses. We have beautifully trained loved and easy going safe horses. I am the animal expert and can read the horses expertly at all times. Learning to stay in your heart and in the meditation is the way to a horses heart. These horses are calm and well trained, they love their work and come over to invite us into their herd so they can work with us daily.

Can I wear perfume or scent?

No Perfume or scented oils on clothes or on your body. The horses and bee’s and flies get mixed messages (food) and I am allergic to most perfumes.

What is Equine Assisted Integration?

It is healing mental and subconscious patterns through being with the horses and doing simple excercises with them. As prey animals, horses are highly intuitive and are masters at reading any body language. They give us honest feedback which helps us be our authentic, sane, peaceful Selves.

Why this retreat?

Feeling stuck can be painful and a weekend with the horses and nature can return you back to yourself. If you feel unfulfilled in life right now and know you are worth more and that there is so much more you, then I can introduce you to a way into the Love you are. New adventures like this nourish our souls and the fun awakens our inner child’s sense of joy. These profound inner and outer connections align us with our sense of aliveness and can stimulate the changes we are needing so as to do what we were born to do.

Do I have to do the silence?

If you can do it all evening after Friday and Saturdays please do – it will keep you focused on you and that still small voice gets louder and louder. If you are organized before hand and ask your loved ones to respect your silence it will hopefully feel like you are still at the ranch. Otherwise do an hour or so and see how it goes. Try to keep your phone OFF during the evenings and see if you can have two nights mostly without it.

Why is this a cell free ranch?

No cells are to be used on the ranch. There is cell service and if you need to use the cell do so in your car. If you want to take photos use phone on airplane please then return it to the airstream or the car.

Is it o.k. to smoke or drink alcohol?

It is an alcohol and drug free ranch. No smoking here on or near the ranch or nature preserve.

What is the age range of retreat attendees?

Retreat’ers tend to be 25 years to 75 years young. The groups are no less than 4 people, no more than 10 people. The usual amount is about 6 attendees. So far all retreats have been attended by biological women, however, we are open to anyone who is passionate about knowing Presence through horses and the feminine principal. Everyone is connected with before each retreat. I make sure we are all a good fit for each group.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

All retreats must be paid in advance in full before booking can be completed. Cancellations are non-refundable but will be credited to a future retreat at any time.

What To Wear:

  • Journal you love and pen you love
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Riding boots or cowboy boots
  • Stretchy jeans or leggings
  • English riding helmet (although these are provided) and a hat with brim
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Bandana and tissues
  • Walking shoes or hiking boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • If cold:
  • Jacket, shawl, woolly hat
  • Gloves
  • Snacks
  • Bring caffeine tea or coffee bags if you need the caffeine

please remember:

No Perfume or scented oils on your clothes or on your body.

Terms & Conditions:

By registering, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and the Cancellation Policy:

All retreats must be paid in advance in full before booking can be completed. Cancellations are non-refundable but will be credited to a future retreat at any time.